Well, known social activist, Daya Bai arrived in Bahrain and voiced her concern over the tragic situation of the many endosulfan victims. Syro Malabar Society (SYMS) organized an endosulfan victims photo exhibition titled “ Karinizhalum Nilavum” at Bahrain Keraleeya Samajam (BKS).

The Anti-Endosulfan Committee has estimated that about 8,000-9,000 persons in Kasaragod district were affected owing to the widespread spraying of endosulfan. TNM had reported that there were about 3183 Kerala endosulfan victims yet to be paid.

‘The promises announced to help endosulfan victims are false and all the authorities want to say is that the problems that these victims face are no more. It is after I went there and personally met these victims that I realized the depth of the situation” said social activist Daya Bai aka Mercy Mathew.



“The sight of the number of people affected and in different ways is gut-wrenching. Even today their lives are in such a terrible condition.  There are still many more people today who have not been included in the official list of the endosulfan victims and we are trying to get them included in the list. Despite years of budget allocations from the Kerala government, thousands of victims haven’t been compensated for the pesticide tragedy” said social activist Daya Bai aka Mercy Mathew.

The pesticide was banned in 2011, about three decades after its extensive use on the cashew plantations of Plantation Corporation of Kerala. The residues of the pesticide seem to be found in the region — in water, soil and produce — that children are born with deformities and mental disorders even after eight years of its ban.  But the Kerala government is yet to acknowledge all the sufferers as victims of endosulfan poisoning.



The noted activist also spoke on the recent killings that took place in Kerala and said that the state has become devoid of humanity.

“The goodness of humanity in Kerala has become zero. I don’t know whether it is because of egoism, consumer culture or that craze for power. When I heard about the recent killings that happened in the district of Kasargod, I couldn’t even imagine. They had no human values because how could you stab someone 18-19 times?  I think we have gone crazy” she said.