Talks are ongoing to allocate a zone for aluminum manufacturing industries in the area behind Alba, stated CEO of the Economic Development Board (EDB), Khalid Al-Rumaihi.

Al-Rumaihi assured that talks with the concerned authorities such as the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism as a governmental body and  some private sector’s entities are in consultations phase. These consultations, he added, are mainly to discuss the best ways to plan and prepare the zone in parallel with the completion of the expansion of Alba’s sixth smelter line.

He added that there are several ideas that the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism is discussing with the EDB to attract companies in the field of manufacturing.

“There is a desire from international manufacturing companies to make Bahrain their base and headquarters,”

In regards to options to put the zone for investment by the private sector, Al-Rumaihi stated that the government is considering all options to develop the most appropriate plan for the project. He assured that the project will come to light after making the right choices

About the project’s economic feasibility, Al-Rumaihi pointed out that Bahrain aspires to increase the aluminum manufacturing industries which create greater value for ALBA’s products and not to be affected by the fluctuation of aluminum prices in international markets. As well as help to enhance the local economy.

“The creation of an industrial zone for manufacturing industries is an important addition to the kingdom’s efforts to boost its income from non-oil sectors,”  

Al-Rimaihi concluded by assuring that aluminum industry is the second most important economic sector after the oil and financial sectors in the Kingdom.