UAE-based telecommunications company Du has begun using WhatsApp for customer care by launching Blu, a multi-channel artificial intelligence-based virtual assistant.

Du said the move further enhances its ambition to deliver world-class customer care by making it easy for customers to connect with du through the platform they use every day.

Anthony Shiner, chief digital lifestyle and innovation officer, EITC, said: “We recognise the importance of messaging for our customers. Making our virtual assistant available on WhatsApp makes it easy for our customers to connect with us.

"We’d like our customers to play an active role in creating a great chat experience, so we’ll be inviting them to help train the virtual assistant. Think of it as a new employee who has some core skills, but continues to learn and grow through experience.”

Du’s virtual assistant helps customers with common queries which they currently seek to address by contacting the contact centre or visiting a retail store, with the telco planning to quickly build upon these initial capabilities.