The Civil Court of Appeal has ordered the Department of Customs of Land Ports to destroy 3300 boxes of copies cosmetics and make-up. The court has also ordered the pharmacy who imported the items, of a well-known French trademark, to pay expenses of the destroying process and fees of courts.   

Details of the case, according to the court's documents, indicate that the pharmacy imported 3300 different items of cosmetics and make-up through the King Fahd Causeway. After being inspected, customs inspectors of the King Fahd Causeway Authority confirmed beyond any doubt that the products were not original and just copied.

Lawyer Ammar Al-Taranga, the agent of the French company, said that he filed a claim as the agent of the company against the pharmacy as the first defendant and management of the Department of Customs of Land Ports as the second defendant.

Al-Taranga pointed out that the infringing goods are in violation of Article 43 of the Trademark Law in Bahrain. In order to enforce the rights, the goods must be confiscated and destroyed. The company reserves the right to refer the defendant to any type of material or physiological damage of copying her company’s items.