A message from a Bahrain social worker who is battling cancer has gone viral. On account of women’s day, social worker Lalson Pullu wrote a note for his wife on social media that has swept many across the country. Media swiftly picked up the story as in Bahrain alone hundreds of people had pledged to support Lalson in hope of seeing him return back to Bahrain.

Widely known for his contribution and proactive nature in many social welfare initiatives in Bahrain, Lalson has been undergoing treatment for throat cancer in his hometown in Kerala. Lalson who hails from Thrissur has been part of Indian Youth Congress Cultural Centre (IYCC) in Bahrain. It was 1 and a half years ago when he was diagnosed and has been undergoing treatment at the Regional Cancer Centre at Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala.

“My wife is my hero.  Constantly by my side who endures the sleepless nights, less appetite and striving to bring me back to life is my wife Stephy. Her day starts at 5 in the morning as she feeds me the powdered medicines through the tube, again the same process at 6” reads the post as he goes on to describe the things she does for him.

“It’s only been three years since we have got married.  Through all the trials and tribulations that I am facing, Stephy is the blessing I have received from God.  Without looking at her health, food or timings, she keeps loving me despite everything. I do not know what to give her for all that she has done for me” he added.



“When I want to give up, she is the one that pushes me forward. When the pain is unbearable, I show my anger towards her.  But to all this she responds with love” he said.

It is claimed that radiation treatment affected his ability to swallow food or water and is painful. In order to do a proper scan, he is required to take medicine which is not possible at this point. IYCC in Bahrain had taken a decision to lend financial aid to him every month and it was during that time that his health took a turn. Lalson Pullu decided to humbly request for help for his treatment and now many people have been lending their support to him.

Community organization Bahrain keraleeya samajam ‘s Natakavedhi which brings theatre artists together hosted programmes to support Lalson. Many people gathered to show their support for the young lad. More than 100 people pledged to lend their financial support to Lalson.