Bahrain has won a new international accolade after it was ranked second on the list the 10 best places for women to work prepared by Forbes, the American business magazine.

According to the list, 66 per cent of women in Bahrain were satisfied with their career prospects while men’s percentage was 62. The percentage was internationally second best.

The best place went to the Czech Republic where women rated their career prospects at 73, while the men's percentage was 63.

Taiwan came third, followed by Norway, Denmark and Luxemburg.

Women in the Kingdom enjoy an advanced status thanks to a high level of education and openness among the people and to the intense efforts exerted by the Supreme Council for Women, the official entity in charge of promoting the status of women and empowering them politically, socially and economically.

In December, Bahrain became one of the few countries worldwide where the Speaker is a woman after MP Fawzia Zainal was voted in by the lawmakers.

In February, and in another first for women, Ahdeya Ahmed was elected the first president of the Bahrain Journalists Association (BJA).

Bahrain has been globally recognised as a top destination, leading several international surveys within communities of expatriates about the place to work or live.

Last year, InterNations, a global information site for people who live and work abroad said Bahrain leads the list of the best destinations for expatriates for the second year thanks to great results for working abroad and the ease of settling.

The Kingdom, home to people from more than 160 nationalities, was particularly applauded for working abroad and the ease of settling in, topping both categories and family life.