In a bid to reduce the number of runaway expat workers, a new car wash company will be launched in a span of two months.  “What we want to do is to give an opportunity to these workers to legally work with a company in a systematic manner,” said Businessman and Head of the Central Committee for Business Owners, Ahmed Abdulla Ahmed Albinkhalil to Albilad.

Abilad had reported last year that a Bahrain National Car Wash Company in all governorates will be set up in 2019 with half a million dinars. Ahmed Albinkhalil revealed that the committee is working to make this a reality and will be launched in the next two months.

“The study is still in process and will be ready within the next two weeks and is based on many characteristics. Things are progressing really well in our research department and the government is also taking necessary measures in terms of the flexible work permits. I am sure some control measures will be set in place. Hopefully, we are looking forward to launching our company in the next one to two months” said Businessman Ahmed Albinkhalil to Albilad.

“We are trying to cover and provide a centre in each of the four governorates of the Kingdom, with a supervisor in each.  We are going to start with 200 employees initially, 50 employees in each governorate and then we will gradually try to expand.  Bahrainis will be employed in a various position in executive management and inspections, while car cleaning and polishing jobs will be opened up for expat workers.” he said.

This project will help to reduce the number of social problems that is seen in Bahrain. Mainly, it will also support low-income business with additional income 

Bahrain is witnessing many illegal car washers in various parking lots willing to wash cars for low pay. Many even wash for 500 fils as well. When asked why they do so, they say that they don’t get jobs elsewhere or don’t have other means to earn a living.

The goal of this initiative is to curb the issue of illegal employment and “runaway” workers’ phenomenon and to tackle its negative effects on the security and economy of the Kingdom.

“Another concern with this type of car washers is not just that it is illegal but that there are high-security issues. By other means, I know that some people are giving them their house keys. The workers can come open the door, wash their car, talks to the maids, they know what’s in the house and it is not safe. They know when you go and come, your timings. A crime can be committed in broad daylight even, in this condition” he added.

“Our country is very peaceful as we all know. This kind of issue does not register in our minds that somebody might come and take things from your house in broad daylight. Part of my previous work was in the security front and I know the law. I know how people might plan to come and commit a robbery in various ways. That is why I am stressing this point” he added.