The reform project led by His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al-Khalifa expanded press and media liberties.

Bahrain Journalists Association President (BJA) Ahdeya Ahmed Alsayyed stressed the importance of the pioneering project which bolstering women’s participation in all fields.

She made the statement as she addressed the first forum “Fourth Estate Dialogues”, which was organized by the University of Bahrain (UoB) Media Club.

BJA president attended a session held under the theme _Bahraini press-Future and legislation” – along with Shura Council member Ali Al-Aradi and Al-Bilad newspaper editor-in-chief Moa'nes Al-Mardi.

She stressed the need to pass legislations that help journalists and media staff to have access to information, pointing out that journalists exert efforts to obtain the necessary content that appeals to readers.

She underlined the constructive role of the fourth estate in raising key social issues, outlining solutions and contributing to community development, stressing the influential impact of the press.

She highlighted the contribution of women in the press sector, which she described as a collective work, commending the outgoing BJA president Al-Mardi for promoting women’s role.

She hailed the role of the University of Bahrain in promoting generations of  Bahrainis to join different media institutions, stressed BJA role in empowering young journalists and strengthening their professionalism.