Saud Abdul Aziz Kanoo, Chairman of Abdul Rahman Kanoo International School, said that the Board of Directors has approved the development plan for its educational projects, which comes as a project to establish a new school in Diyar Muharraq which represents a qualitative leap in terms of architecture and educational quality.


The project will include several facilities such as a modern library, a gymnasium, basketball and football fields, a world-class swimming pool, scientific laboratories, computer classrooms, large parking spaces, and many other facilities.


There will be different yards for different ages at the school, as the school can accommodate 1,600 students on 26,608 square meters.


The Board of Directors adopts the vision of the founder Abdul Rahman Jassim Kanoo, to achieve the high level, taking into account all the modern and qualitative and is expected to be completed the process of construction and equipment during the year 2021.