Gulf Aviation Academy has marked its presence during the first Saudi Airshow event from March 12th to 14th.  Located at AlThumamah Airport in Riyadh which has attracted many diverse exhibitors.

“As the premier aviation training academy in the region, we at GAA are very proud to see the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia launch its first Air Show in Riyadh for the year 2019.  We deeply believe that this event provides an opportunity to showcase Saudi’s new era of transformation and the rapid growth of its aviation industry to meet regional and global demand.

GAA’s participation in the Saudi Air Show is set to show our solidarity as a Bahraini company by connecting pathways with our existing Saudi clients, as well as explore new opportunities for training leading aviation, transport and logistics businesses at our Kingdom of Bahrain based academy.” Stated Mariam Alawadhi, Business Development Manager at GAA.

This airshow is a significant networking platform to further develop and promote the Academy’s wide range of training capabilities to cater the requirements of the market to very diverse clients such as airlines, cargo agents, security personnel providers, and more. Maintaining a holistic approach in terms of type of training provided and the logistics behind it is one of the GAA’s strong competitive strategies and is well established with the clients.

The Academy’s contribution in Saudi Arabia has been a constantly progressing relationship between many key parties in the Kingdom, where GAA has provided training to its Clients since 2012,  maintaining the quality and standards that meets the Clients’ requirements and the General Authority of Civil Aviation approval.