With the upcoming elections in India, politicians make their way to Bahrain in a bid to campaign for their parties. Tomorrow another politician making news in India will arrive in Bahrain for a major event. Community organization Kerala Muslim Cultural Centre (KMCC) has organized an event where Muslim Youth League state general secretary P K Firoz will address the expat community in Bahrain.

The politician is making news as Muslim Youth League (MYL) leaders, alleged that a case registered against MYL P.K. Firoz at Vellayil police station on charges of forging documents in the name of James Mathew, MLA, was part of a plan to take political revenge.

The past months have seen politicians like General secretary of BJP, Kerala state Shobha Surendran who came as part of Mission 2019, MP P. K. Kunhalikutty and legislator K M Shaji visiting Bahrain and speaking about the elections in India and urging people to cast their votes sensibly.

“He (Prime Minister)  strives to achieve victory and success and on the other hand many gathers to make sure that it doesn’t happen.  If many people are accusing him and state that he should step down and not run for power then that only means that the leader ’s path is the right one” said Shobha Surendran.

Speaking about the situation in Kerala, legislator K M Shaji had addressed the recent murders of the two youth congress workers who in Kerala where politics were in play.  “We need to give India back to its people as we are nearing the dates when we have to decide,” said IUML legislator.

“We as a community in Bahrain need to stay united in rebuilding India,” said MP P. K. Kunhalikutty. He spoke on the concept that as countries around the world developed so should India.