More regularity restrictions are underway for illegal expatriate street vendors, the Director General of the Capital Municipality Council, Shawkiya Humaidan, exclusively told Albilad newspaper.

She pointed out that the Labor Market Regulatory Authority (LMRA) and the Ministry of the Interior provided great cooperation to control offenders and illegal expatriate street vendors. She assured that the phenomena of illegal street vendors disappearing thanks to the council’s regular inspection campaigns in conjunction with the concerned authorities.

“The Bahraini law does not discriminate when it comes to law enforcement. The concerned authorities apply law regulations in regards of offenses or violations whether the offenders were citizens or expatriates,”

Humaidan stated that the council is currently studying to issue a license to Bahraini street vendors through a set of controls. She explained the upon completion of the study, the minister will be the person who issues the final decision to regulate the process of street vendors.

Humaidan confirmed that inspection campaigns are still ongoing through monitoring of certain sites in which vendors take as their headquarters. A permanent inspector has been assigned in the areas of frequent irregularities.

Humaidan concluded by urging all to respect municipal laws of the country and conduct their activity in accordance with the procedures in force in the Kingdom.

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