His Royal Highness Prime Minister Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa has asserted that the complementarity of work between the Executive and Legislative branches is a firm principle, and that their partnership is being strengthened.

Our opinion on developing projects and services is shared by those of the 40 representatives of the entire Bahraini people in the Council of Representatives, HRH Premier said.

"Let those in the ‘House of the People’ be assured that their interests are ours, and that our aspirations for the sake of the citizens go beyond theirs. We spare no effort and harness all available potentials and resources to make the citizens feel that their security is preserved and their stability is ensured," the Premier added.

HRH Premier made the statements while receiving at his Palace in Riffa a number of MPs, with whom he discussed a number of local and national issues, and listened to their remarks about the needs of the citizens and their aspirations regarding service and development projects.

HRH the Prime Minister expressed sincere appreciation to the members of the Council of Representatives for their keenness to assume their national responsibilities, within their effective partnership with the government, which, he said, has contributed to achieving the expectations of the people of Bahrain at the level of development.

HRH Premier underlined the government’s continuous efforts to implement modernisation and development projects across various regions, to ensure the citizens’ access to sufficient quality services.



HRH the Prime Minister stressed that meeting the citizens’ needs and providing the requirements of decent living for them are a government priority. 

The Prime Minister pointed out that the consolidation of cooperation with the Legislative Branch is a key element in the government’s strategy to achieve its goals of serving the nation and the citizens.

"We are all working for the sake of the nation and its people, and we must strengthen coordination between us on everything that would contribute to achieving the aspirations of citizens, and ensuring them a better life. We have to upgrade this cooperation to higher levels to increase the benefits of Bahrain and its people," HRH Premier said.

Members of the Representatives Council lauded HRH Premier’s open-door policy, being his authentic approach in communicating with the people and its representatives in the Council of Representatives.

Lawmakers extended deepest thanks and appreciation to HRH the Prime Minister for his unwavering interest in and support for strengthening Executive-Legislature cooperation.

They hailed the Prime Minister’s constant directives to ministers and officials to strengthen the pillars of cooperation with the Legislative Branch, as use it constructively to meet the citizens’ needs, which, they said, embodies the Premier’s wise leadership and governance approach.