The Italian embassy to Bahrain will celebrate The Italian Design Day 2019, on March 20.

Manama is included in the 100 locations worldwide that will celebrate the Italian Design Day, which is promoted by the Italian Foreign Affairs Ministry and International Cooperation.

“Italian design was born in the workshops of Renaissance artists, which brought to life innovative products with a high aesthetic content. 

Ever since then research in the field of design has grown and developed through a constant interaction between design schools and art movements, combining Italy's remarkable craftsmanship tradition with technological innovation.

Design portrays a very distinct feature of the Italian spirit, which in itself has many of the elements that are internationally identified with (Brand Italy),” The Italian Ambassador to Bahrain Domenico Bellato, said.

The embassy will organise two events which are open to the public. The first one, with the support of GPIC, is an exhibition entitled “Italian Brands”. It’s an iconic design display featuring a journey on the graphical-historical revolution and evolution of 20 well-known Italian brands. It will be hosted at the Avenues mall, from March 20-27 at 5pm.

The second event will be held in collaboration with the Bahrain Authority for Culture and Antiquities (BACA). Architect Andrea De Simone – one of the 100 testimonial chosen as Ambassadors of Italian Design in the World – will deliver a lecture on “Human-oriented Design for Cities”, on March 20 at 6.30 pm at the Flexible Auditorium of Bahrain National Theatre in Manama.

He will talk about design and the “City of Future”, touching upon climate change, demographic growth, use and re-use of ground and raw materials, zero waste and wellness of the citizens.