Cristiano Ronaldo inspired Juventus to a remarkable comeback on Tuesday night in Turin to knock out Atletico Madrid. The 34-year-old Portuguese scored a magnificent hat-trick to overturn a 2-0 first-half deficit helping the Bianconeri make a return from the dead. However, his actions might come back to haunt him after the Juventus star was caught doing a crotch-grab antic after the full-time whistle.

According to Italian daily Gazzetta dello Sport, on Thursday, UEFA will look into the matter and if found guilty Cristiano Ronaldo will be served with a Champions League ban. Ronaldo risks a fine similar to Simeone but if it were considered a mocking gesture towards the Atletico fans it could turn into a disqualification for a game.



The highly likely verdict will be that Juventus star will be hit with a fine similar to Diego Simeone. Atletico manager was hit with a 20,000 Euro fine for a similar celebration. However, Ronaldo's celebration was apparently in front of the travelling Atletico fans which could be a cause of worry for the Turin club. 

Earlier, Atletico Madrid manager Diego Simeone was seen doing a similar crotch-grab gesture at Wanda Metropolitano in the first leg against Juventus. Ronaldo didn't seem amused by the Argentine manager's celebration and mimicked a similar gesture after wrecking Los Rojiblancos' ship in the European competition.

Atletico manager Diego Simeone also reacted to the Ronaldo celebration, saying, "For sure he did it for the same reason I did it at the Wanda Metropolitano: to show his personality to his fans." Simeone also hailed Ronaldo as the best player in the world in his post-match comments.

Ronaldo had a disastrous start to his UCL campaign after being the top scorer for last six seasons. He was sent off in the Juventus opening match against Valencia and only had a single goal in Europe before the second leg against Atletico. Juventus defeated Atletico Madrid 3-2 on aggregate. 

UEFA Champions League quarter-final draw will take place on Friday in Nyon, Switzerland at 4:30 PM IST.