Minister of Electricity and Water unveiled the details of the new project that will be implemented by a group of Saudi, Japanese and Bahraini companies with a BOO system to achieve high efficiency in the management of the project and its competitiveness. The project will start immediately after signing the contract and is expected to be completed within a year and a half.


He pointed out that the private sector is interested in investing in the renewable energy sector in Bahrain, stressing that the solar power plant project investment estimated at about 130 million dinars, confirming the importance of the Solar Energy Center.


He explained during a press conference held at the Ministry of Electricity and Water that the budget of the Center for Sustainable Energy estimated at 1.75 million dinars for four years, equivalent to 400 thousand dinars per year, adding that the budget will cover the logistics preparation of the center and staffs’ salaries.


The ministry’s plan aims at meeting the growing demand for electricity in the Kingdom and contribute to improving the quality and efficiency of services for citizens and residents, as well as attracting local and international investments to Bahrain to implement projects and technologies in the use of renewable energy from the sun and wind and diversification of energy sources.


Bahrain has about 535 government buildings and the ministry has a strategy to use the roofs of these buildings to generate electricity through renewable energy; this strategy was actually started through an agreement with 8 schools using 66 roofs for that purpose.


That comes in addition to the coordination with the Ministry of Works and Municipal Affairs and Urban Planning to take advantage of the fourth bridge to be established to link the governorates of Muharraq and Manama and the establishment of solar panels on it, and there is a desire to include the designs of the new King Hamad Bridge between the Kingdom of Bahrain and Saudi Arabia On solar panels to take advantage of its 25 kilometers long distance in generating electricity from renewable energy.