Eco-bus visits, within the “Eco-Schools” program, continued to promote environmental awareness among new generations at schools. This was announced by Northern Municipality which is the organizer of the program through eco-bus visits to schools in the area.

The Eco-Bus project is a pioneering educational and awareness project that aims to encourage the next generation to care more about the environment.

The project, which a first-of-its-kind in the Kingdom, is being organized by the Northern Municipality in co-ordination with the Northern Governorate and the Ministry of Education.

It is a mobile education project through a bus that is equipped for this task. The bus will be moving between schools, parks, and coasts to raise environmental awareness among schoolchildren.

It also aims to establish an environment-friendly behavioral culture among schoolchildren with the participation of their teachers and the schools’ administration to improve cleanliness of the schools and its aesthetic image.

Officials from the municipality stated that it is hoped that the project will contribute to protect the country’s natural resources through conservation and recycling, encourage planting and beautify educational facilities.

“It will initially be introduced in schools in the Northern Governorate and will later be rolled out across the country,”

They added that they desire that all members of the community to help protect the environment rather than just depend on adults. They stated that is the reason they have decided to start a new concept in the governorate’s schools.

“If we want to get the public interested, then we have to start with children because that’s the only way to attract teachers and parents. Introducing environment protection at the tender age of seven will certainly enable us to turn awareness from just being a campaign into a lifestyle that continues as schoolchildren grow,”

They explained that they have conducted various activities and competitions to get children’s attention. One, they added, was biannual competitions in participating schools that would see municipal teams carry out inspections to grade schools with only those getting full marks in all fields being given green flags.

“Among our aims is to encourage planting local fruits, vegetables and flowers in schools and inside classrooms. Students have been also instructed to beautify their classrooms and all of the facilities they use within the school,”

They concluded that honoring individuals is as important as honoring schools and only through those keen individuals would schools further develop and turn into outstanding eco-schools. They assured that schools will have regular cleanliness programs, a corner will be set up for recycling, besides enforcing conservation attitudes in using air-conditioners and other electrical and electronic apparatuses, which we consider as the major source of pollution.