With domestic workers and blue-collar workers conditions being brought to light, Bahrain authorities are sharing their concern in this matter and have vowed to take necessary measures to curb this issue.

Thampi Nagarjuna‘There should be adequate education and awareness being spread amongst employers and employees as to what their rights are. Many exploit the amendments and workers are left unaware as to what their legal rights are. It has come to the point where they are overcome by a crippling fear” said General Trade Union of Services Workers (GTU) Advisor Thampi Nagarjuna.

Speaking to Albilad was yet another worker who claimed to have not received wages for over four months. Having worked in a private company for over 14 years now, he was only allowed to go on vacation twice.

“I am working as a fabricator in a private company for over 14 years now. Whenever our annual leave comes up and I tell them I want to go to my home town, they always come up with excuses. They keep delaying it by falsely saying the company has so much work now or there aren’t enough employees to manage the job” said the worker who wished to remain anonymous in the fear of losing his job.

He emphasized that the employer kept telling him to wait for six months then another six months until the time frame extended to more than a year. Last year, he was planning to resign but they held him back stating that once more employees come then they would relive him.

When asked why he is scared of taking any legal action, he responded saying, “I have not received my salary for over four months now and if I complain, they will cancel my visa, deport me and I would even get the pending salaries that they owe me” he added.

“After I came to know the situation, we complained to the labour court and contacted the owner of the company. The owner told me that the employee had no such complaints with the employee. Employees are living in fear even though they are being wronged” said GTU advisor.

Many individuals and community organizations are taking efforts on behalf of these workers to shed light on their conditions.