The First Lower Criminal Court ruled to cancel a sentence of imprisonment against a Bahraini who was supposed to be jailed for 6 months and pay a penalty of 100 dinars, however, he was found not guilty of the accusation of counterfeiting his bank statement.

Where it was proved that the second defendant in the case – the Clearance Broker - is the guilty party and was convicted earlier in the same incident, as the first defendant said that he had given the broker to carry out all procedures and provide the necessary documents.

He explained that he went to the commercial registration department to issue a new CR, when he was informed of the need to deposit an amount of not less than 20 thousand dinars in his account, and therefore, commissioned the task by virtue of his work, thinking that this will be done legally.

Therefore, the Public Prosecution ordered to transfer the accused and his broker after charging them of committing fraud in formal documents in 2014.