The conditions of blue-collar workers in Bahrain are drawing the attention of the public as some of the employees come forth to express their anguish.  ‘Humanitarian conditions have to be at least taken into consideration when we think of blue-collar workers’ says the General Trade Union of Services Workers (GTU) Advisor Thampi Nagarjuna.

Albilad had reported that many private security guards work for over 12 hours every day for 7 days a week and earn from anywhere between BD 100 to BD 140. Due to their prolonged sitting or standing, guards tend to have an increased risk for varicose veins.

Speaking to Albilad is Ramesh (name changed) who has been working in a private firm for over 12 years now and is struggling.

 “I have been working for over 12 years in a private security firm in Bahrain and during the past year, the company has not been in a good shape financially. As I have not been given salary properly so I approached the trade union and was able to file a complaint at the labour court” said Ramesh.

“The company did agree that they will pay me the pending salary of the three months along with a ticket home. The remaining three months salary would only be given once I sign an agreement, which was told by the secretary. But now the company had backed saying now they will give me the three months salary and ticket but I need to put my signature wherever they ask me to” said a distraught Ramesh.

He further told that this is the situation and now he will not comply with the company for a mutual understanding but will go through this legally.  Most of the workers do not express their concern in the fear of losing their jobs.

The plight of these workers have been brought to the attention of the Embassy of India, Bahrain. Initiatives are urged to be taken to help better the working and living conditions of these private security guards who risk their own lives to ensure the safety of the public.