A New Zealand citizen placed a bouquet of flowers at the entrance of a mosque in Saar area, this was posted in many social media accounts today (Friday 22nd March) and received massive responses and comments. One of those who posted the picture on his personal “Instagram” account was a consultant at the Bahrain Tourism and Exhibition Authority (BTEA), Dr. Ali Foulad.

He left a note on the bouquet that reads:

“In loving memory of those killed in the terror attack in Christchurch/New Zealand last Friday. We mourn with you all. Love and peace,”

New Zealand citizen, who resides in Bahrain, made this move to express solidarity with Muslims who perform Friday prayers in Bahrain and the world. He referred to the massacre that shocked the world last Friday as an armed person killed around 50 Muslims who were performing Friday prayers at mosques in New Zealand. The attacker documented his crime by recording live.