The medical staff working at Hoora Health Center were beaten by one of their regular patients who received treatment at the center after suffering a neurological disorder which resulted in him attacking the staff; he also carried out chaos work on the facility, causing panic in all sections of the center.


The Ministry of Health said in a statement that the patient lost control when he was receiving treatment. He rushed and caused chaos in the center, assaulting the workers, breaking the equipment at the reception and waiting room, attacking the workers at the pharmacy and trying to break glass and doors. And electronic systems at the reception center, which called for the police to intervene and maintain the security of workers and patients.


The ministry confirmed that despite the attempt by the security guard to intervene to calm the situation and maintain the safety of the people, but he was beaten by the patient and suffered a number of bruises.


As soon as the police arrived, the situation was dealt with and they began investigating the incident and taking the necessary measures. The patient thus was transferred to the psychiatric hospital.


The ministry pointed out that the center of the Hoora health transferred of all patients to Noaim Health center while the staff of the Planning and Information Department is working to replace damaged equipment to resume services and receive patients tomorrow morning.