The “Health Insurance Project” will be implemented early next year (2020), declared President of the Supreme Council for Health (SCH), Lieutenant-General Dr. Shaikh Mohammed bin Abdulla Al-Khalifa, in a press statement.  

He added that the project’s implementation will start with expatriates and residents after issuance of an official declaration by the government. The declaration will determine the stages to be implemented and details of the implementation plan.  

Lieutenant-General Dr. Shaikh Mohammed explained that there are still other royal decrees to form boards of trustees, and the government is coordinating with a company to arrange the rest of the details of the project.

SCH president stated that the Ministry of Health is an integral and important part with the Supreme Council of Health to implement the health strategies in the Kingdom. He asserted that the ministry of health is the executive side of the plans set by the SCH as it is responsible for the development of plans, directives, and policies only.

About the budget of the Health Insurance Fund, SCH president pointed out that the budget has not been determined yet, and that the cost of the project must first be determined to estimate the fund’s budget.