Bahrain woke up this morning with heavy rain. It is true that unsettled weather was expected since last night as news kept circulating about it, but drowning of houses, cars, tunnels and major roads was not expected. Drowning might be expected, but not to the extent it reached in the various area of the Kingdom such as a car totally drowned and caught in the middle of the tunnel located near Buri and A’ali. In addition to this, flooded roads and heavy rain caused postponement of a number of major events and activities as well as exams in the only national university in Bahrain.

“Tens of pictures and videos which were widely circulated on social media showed minor and major roads, houses in newly built housing projects totally drowned in water. Some showed sewerage channels flooding. Moreover, traffic movement in the Bahraini side of the King Fahad Causeway was held for  hours because of rain,” 

First was the postponement of the closing day of the Animal Production Exhibition (Mara’ee 5) as the organizing committee of the event announced on its official media channels. It stated the final day of the event, was scheduled today, was postponed due to bad weather conditions. Organizers of the event called on the audience not to go to the event’s site due to the presence of big quantities of rainwater.

Second, the Bahraini raspberry festival in the Farmers’ Souq was postponed until next week because of the heavy rain. This was announced by the executive director of the farmers' market Amani Abudris.

The University of Bahrain announced the postponement of all tests scheduled on Saturday due to bad weather.

"The University of Bahrain announces to its students and academics that due to the weather conditions in the country, all tests scheduled for this day (Saturday 13th April 2019) will be postponed until further notice.

Authorities, like the ministry of interior represented in the general directorate of traffic and the civil defense, the ministry of works, municipalities and urban planning were of great help to receiving reports or on streets to facilitate traffic movement.

The Minister of works, municipalities and urban planning, Eng Esam Khalaf inspected major areas and directed the ministry a 24-hour emergency. The Ministry of the Interior stated that civil defense and the general directorate of traffic, as well as all police departments in four governorates, were working on the hour for any emergency. The ministry of interior confirmed that the information indicates no injuries were recorded because of rain. They stated that a number of accidents and vehicle damages because of heavy rain and carelessness.

The question here, are these consequences because of heavy rain or because of weak infrastructure and bad road planning?? And what might happen if Bahrain had continuous heavy rain for a week?? 

A number of citizens expressed their thanks and appreciation to the government for the continuous effort in facilitating obstacles faced during and after heavy rain. The Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Works, and municipalities in the four governorates. They added that Bahrain might have been affected by heavy rain, but might be the least affected compared to richer countries like Qatar.