The number of abandoned properties in the northern governorate reached 161 houses most of them are owned by non-Bahrainis and expatriates, stated representative of the Northern Governorate Security Directorate, Salem Murad

He pointed out that some of these properties, including houses and pieces of land, are used for illegal acts and behaviors.

Murad explained that most of these abandoned houses and lands belong to non-Bahraini or expatriate owners. As private property, Murad added, concerned authorities can never enter by unless they have a special permit.

Murad continued that security authorities can’t enter abandoned properties without permission of the public prosecution, or with the owner of the house or the property. He added that the only situation that security authorities can enter is when an emergency incident happens like a fire. Murad emphasized that the ministry of interior is an executive body that applies the powers entrusted to it by the law.