With the Indian general election of this year continuing to go strong, campaigns have not yet come to a halt.  Millions of voters will decide the fate of the country as the election continues till May 23rd. While campaigns may seem to be all about speeches by top politicians to woo the voters, offlate campaigns have been taken to a whole new level.

Bahrain is not far behind as in the previous months Bahrain has also witnessed many community organizations conducting campaigns for the elections.  A song supporting the United Democratic Front (UDF) in Bahrain has also come out in Bahrain which has been sung by Abdul Haque Kazhungumthottathil The song talk goes along the line “Rahul Ji Ayega Pradhanmandri Banega"

In the United States, a group in Houston that supports one of the political parties of India, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) put up a flash mob. The BJP supporters in the U.S hosted such a creative way to campaign for the current prime minister in hopes that he would be reelected for the next term as well.

India also saw a bunch of youngsters in support of one of the political parties of India, Congress in Bengaluru. This does not mean that door to door, public rallies and road shows aren’t present. With time the conventional method of campaigning might just not be what everybody prefers. To appeal to youngsters, different methods of reaching out to the voters have been adopted in 2019.

Video campaigns are strategically released which urges youngsters in large number to vote for the candidates. “Vottu Podu Machchee” is the latest song released by a father-daughter duo on YouTube by BR Balajee and Pavithra Balajee.