With the elections in full swing in India, the same can be said about the campaigns that are being conducted in Bahrain. There is no stopping Bahrain units who support major political parties that are seeking majority votes for the Indian General Elections 2019.

Over the last few months, Bahrain has been seeing top political leaders visiting Bahrain before the elections to get the votes of the people. Major achievements and promises for the betterment for India were highlighted by every politician that came down to Bahrain.

The Social Welfare Association held a political campaign yesterday. During the session, the speaker emphasized on the decisions and actions made by the Modi led government for the past five years. They further that the people need to tale back India during the present elections.

“ After every term, our country sees an election where different people get elected- new governments are formed. But this time, the elections aren’t the same. If the present government gets elected for another term then we know their purpose and consequences” E K Saleem Edathala.

The campaign urged people to stay united as the present government's negative impact can be seen in the economic system, destruction of secular values and so on.

“The present 2019 elections we are seeing a Hindu nationalist agenda being promoted, one that questions the people and even questions the foundations that were set by former leaders of India. The social welfare association having studied in depth of what can possibly be done to change this situation, they decided to stand with the Congress party” he added.

During the session, he further emphasized that in the parliament congress should get the majority seats and that was what they were aiming for. For India, the people and the future, everyone needs to stay united and allow people to live in peace and harmony.

Saleem also emphasized that the present leaders were dictating terms and were trying to control by deciding that people could not consume beef or to clothe themselves in a certain way. For this reason, the social welfare association has been campaigning for the United Democratic Front and the right future they could bring for India and its people.