The “Berry Festival” accompanying the farmers market started at the Budaiya Botanical Garden on Saturday morning (20 April 2019), in the presence of the Minister of Works and a number of officials.


Minister Khalaf explained that the experience of the Kingdom of Bahrain in establishing a market for Bahraini farmers had a wide resonance in the GCC countries, which proved its success through the flood of visitors from inside and outside Bahrain transferring this experience to be applied in a number of countries.


As well as the children's fun activities the festival was attended by 15 Bahraini berry farmers who displayed various local berries and sold them to the visitors.


The Bahraini berry is one of Bahrain's seasonal fruits that attract consumers widely in Bahrain. The taste of Bahraini berry varies between sour and sweet, knowingly that the production season starts from February to April.


He pointed out that the festivals associated with the market are held annually, aiming to introduce the public to local products, encourage agriculture and use modern agricultural methods. These events have received great public interest, like the festival of tomatoes and handicrafts to the Berry Festival.


He said that the extension of time from to 2 pm, after the market was closed at 12 pm, came from the authority to give the visitors the opportunity to spend more time for family entertainment and contribute to support farmers.


He pointed out that it is scheduled to be the end of the current season for market events on April 27, 2019, where it is planned to witness various events, noting that the market in its seventh edition included 40 Bahraini farmers, and 6 Bahraini companies, in addition to several sections of traditional crafts, artists, Restaurants, and recreational activities for children.