Electricity and Water Affairs Minister Dr. Abdulhussain Mirza awarded certificates to the fifth batch of contractors and consultants who have been approved for the installation of solar systems.

A total of 42 out of 55 consultants and contractors passed the training programme, which was held over a week from April 7 to 11 and organised by the Sustainable Energy Centre in cooperation with the Electricity and Water Authority and the United Nations Development Programme.

Dr. Mirza said that this training programme is one of the key elements in the strategy of implementing and encouraging the use of renewable energy in Bahrain to attract investments in the fields of renewable energy and to contribute to the advancement of economic development.

He said this is an important step in the process of enriching enabling the local capacity and market to keep up with the growing demand for renewable energy projects and the commitment of the Center for Sustainable Energy to build capacities and fill gaps in the renewable energy sector.

The minister said 198 of the total of 250 who took part have passed the examination.
Dr. Mirza thanked and appreciated the providers of this training programme, J Lanka and CESI, global companies specialized in renewable energy, and praised their keenness to improve the programme to provide the highest levels of training, diversifying experiences and lessons learnt.

The minister also thanked the Sustainable Energy Centre and the Electricity and Water Authority for their cooperation and efforts which resulted in the establishment of this session and wished the participants success in their future endeavors.

The contractors and consultants expressed their thanks and gratitude to the minister and officials responsible for organizing the training programme and to provide them with the opportunity to obtain an approval certificate that would enable them to complete procedures to get a license to install and link solar systems in the government electricity network.

The names of contractors and licensed consultants will be posted on the website of the Electricity and Water Authority (www.ewa.bh) in the near future so that people will be able to view them and deal with them in everything related to the installation of solar energy systems at homes or public facilities.