Bahrain is set to host the second edition of ‘SmartSec’ conference and exhibition taking place on 3-5 September 2019 at Gulf Convention Centre Hotel.

Dr. Abdulhussain bin Ali Mirza, Minister of Electricity and Water Affairs will patronise SMARTSEC,  jointly organised by Bahrain Technology Companies Society ‘BTECH’ and WorkSmart for Events Management.

SmartSec conference highlights the most important issues related to cybercrime, information security, cybersecurity, Blockchain technology and how to localise the latest global applications in the field of ICT security to meet the needs of public and private sector institutions in the Kingdom of Bahrain, seeking solutions that meet the needs generated by their rapid transition to cloud computing environments and help them diagnose the challenges facing enterprise data protection and protection plans for intrusion, mutilation, or theft.

The conference will be attended by several speakers in the field of information security from Bahrain and the world. It will feature a variety of technology-related workshops, carefully thought-out solutions, and an exhibition offering global solutions to information security.

In its second year, SmartSec will be held as part of Kingdom’s effort to boost digital transformation and supporting both government and private sectors to use technologies like cloud computing, big data and the internet of things and defeat cyber threats in their organizations.

On the sidelines of SmartSec, an exhibition will attract companies offering its solutions in information security, cybersecurity and blockchain. The exhibition will be a good opportunity for the exhibitors to make deals and partnership agreements to develop their business opportunities.

The list of participants in the conference and the exhibition includes all government bodies from ministries, institutions and institutions as well as private sector institutions such as banks, companies, educational and health institutions, and other entities seeking to invest the digital transformation in enhancing their performance, improving their performance and improving their competitive conditions.