The Ministry of Works, Municipal Affairs and Urban Planning inaugurated the second phase of the project to provide free lanes leading to the Budaiya Highway toward Jidhafs area.


"The second stage of the project includes a side track for those coming from the south to the east to Jidhafs to the right, while the work is still underway in the project to complete the implementation of its remaining phases," said the director of road projects and maintenance, Sayed Bader Alawi.


He also pointed out that residents of the area and shop attendants, which will reduce the time of the journey and address traffic congestions, and the establishment of these turns to the right which will create free movement away from the signal light, and facilitates the transition between the main roads related to this intersection.


He added that the traffic signals and controls will be transferred with the safety measures for the new lanes according to the standards applied in the Kingdom of Bahrain.