The Lower Criminal Court sentenced a wife to three months in prison for blackmailing her husband in order to get a divorce. The court also decided a fine of BD500 and to refer the case to the civil competent courts.

Details of the case, according to court’s documents, indicate the wife, who is the first, threatened her husband to circulate obscene pictures of him and his second wife on social media if he did not divorce her. But the husband refused to surrender to the threats and filed a complaint against her.

The husband stated that his first wife sent him obscene pictures of him and his second wife by “WhatsApp” and “Instagram” threatened to circulate them on social media. He added that she took them from his phone without his permission.

The wife confessed that she obtained pictures of her husband and his second wife from the memory card of her husband’s phone. She added that she first sent them to him through "Instagram" and then on “WhatsApp”.

The court sentenced the wife to three months in prison and a fine of BD500 to stop the execution of the sentence, or to replace the penalty of imprisonment by obliging the convicted person to work in the community and oblige her not to contact the victim and his second wife.