Every day thousands of nurses in Bahrain work tirelessly around the clock providing the best medical care to patients who come into their hospitals. Their selfless contribution to society is being honoured today on the occasion of International Nurses Day.

Observed on 12th May every year, here is a day people choose to say ‘thank you’ to these everyday heroes for their commitment and vital role in helping us make our worst days much better. For the year 2019, the International Council of Nurses (ICN) chose “Nurses – A Voice to Lead – Health for All” as the theme.



Albilad speaks to nursing staffs in Bahrain who are working in various hospitals as they share their experience.

“For over 13 years now I have been working in the intensive care unit and at the end of the day, it gives you immense satisfaction when you know you have played an important part in saving a person’s life. Our work can be stressful be it physically, mentally and it can take a toll on you emotionally but the contentment that you feel after the long hours of work is probably the best part of this profession I must say” says Gifty Binu who works as the ICU Team leader at King Hamad University Hospital.

“Being in this field also involves us to build a psychological rapport with each patient. Some may be afraid of certain procedures so we gain their trust by bonding with them. Patience is one virtue that we need a lot of when deal with different people” she added.

Godcy Bijoy thanks her first steps into the nursing field to her school nurse who used to take her along as she helped students in her boarding school.


“From childhood, I always knew I wanted to be in the medical profession. When I was studying in a boarding school, the nurse in our school used to take me along with her and I watched how she helped students who had injured themselves in the playground. She used to tell me what to do and I used to help her. Doing this at a young age inspired me to pursue this career path” says Godcy Bijoy who works at Salmaniya Medical Complex.

“Helping and serving those who were sick was a desire I held close to my heart. My uncle was a diabetic patient so I used to help him and I recall my aunt always telling me at that time ‘in the future you will definitely be a nurse’. When I see patients coming out of ventilators and going home, that is a different feeling altogether, it’s that sense of happiness you can’t describe” she added.

Alphy Anna Joseph comes from a family that has several members working in the same medical profession and she shares their side of the story.


“There are several emotions that patients go through and we try to empathize and help them get better. When we see them back on their feet and ready to go home, we take pride in the fact that we were part of their journey in getting better. Yes, some days are tougher, discouraging and challenging than others but it is rewarding when you see that your patients are responding well. We are on our feet every minute and though it takes a physical toll on us, our patients deserve the best care possible and that is what we have committed to do. Over time there is a bond that is formed with our patients and their families as we help get them through the toughest times of their lives” says Alphy Joseph who works at Noor Specialist Hospital.


Hospitals in Bahrain over the week held celebrations to honour their nursing staff for their continued support and tireless efforts in providing the best medical care over the years. Cultural programs, cake cutting ceremonies and dinner parties were hosted by several health care providers in Bahrain.