The first supreme criminal court started a trial of two Pakistanis on charges of forging identity cards and driving licenses, renting a car and then selling it as a scrap using a printer and a computer. The court decided to postpone the case to the May 26 hearing to hear and reply from the defendants as they remain in custody.


A complaint was received from a Pakistani stating that he bought from the first defendant a Scrap car for 750 dinars. When he checked the vehicle records in the Traffic Directorate, he found that there was no car with that number, only then he tried to contact the first defendant and asked him to return the money and the agreement document, but the defendant attended and tried taking over the pledge trying to escape with it.


Upon verification of the vehicle data, it was found that it belongs to a car rental company and was reported to be lost at the Nabih Saleh police station. The rental company employee said that a Pakistani person showed him an identity card and rented a car; using the card the person was found outside the country.


The investigation revealed the identity of the first defendant who forged the identity of a Pakistani person who left the country and rented the car, he then sold it with the same forged identity as a scrap, knowing that he is registered as a wanted person for a number of cases.


The police were notified that the suspect was seen in Exhibition Road, when a police patrol head immediately to the location and arrested the target.


At the scene, a driver's license was found for another person with his photo, as well as an identity card with a different name and his photo.


In the investigations, he admitted that he had come to Bahrain in 2006 and did not know his sponsor and did not have a passport or identity card. He worked in dyeing, but the income was not enough so he agreed with his friend who lives with him, the second defendant, to buy a printer to print plastic cards and a laptop to counterfeit all the documents they need.