A Bangladeshi national allegedly duped over 35 people out of more than BD 500 (more than Rs 1,00,000) each in exchange for granting them visa and jobs in Bahrain. Indian nationals Kollaiswamy Posa and Balabrahmam Meeniga where two men amongst the many who arrived in Bahrain with a visit visa valid for two weeks in Bahrain over three months ago.

The men who hail from Andhra Pradesh were brought to Bahrain after they paid BD  800 and BD 400 in hopes of getting jobs. According to them, the man who collected the money is said to have left for Bangladesh. After learning that they had been cheated and that their visa’s had expired, they are now requesting for legal help.

“A Bangladeshi man approached my uncle and told him that there were many jobs here in Bahrain and to bring many people who were interested to work here. So I was promised a job as a salesman in a telecom service company in Bahrain and was asked to pay Rs 1,50,000 (BD 800). It’s been over three months now and when we ask my uncle for the passports he says that it is given for renewal” said Kollaiswamy to Albilad.

The 31-year old’s uncle ‘Mani’ who works as a driver in Bahrain agreed to hand over the passport to them today after General Trade Union of Service Workers Advisor Thampi Nagarjuna intervened.

“There are over 35 people just like us from our home place who came but we don’t know where they are now. Some found small jobs but we don’t know about the rest. The Bangladeshi man left the country with all our money and now we are left here. We were told that we can come on visiting visa and then transfer our visa’s to our companies later” said 25-year-old Balabrahmam.

Thampi Nagarjuna“Poor people are ready to give large sums of money in hopes of finding jobs to support their families. But in most cases what we see is that in the end there will be a relative involved in bringing these people to Bahrain and cheating them. This makes the case all the more complicated.  Such job scams of bringing people on visit visas and then leaving them stranded must be stopped once in for all. We need to find a solution to deal with this growing situation” said GTU advisor Thampi.

“I had seen these men standing on the streets so I asked them what happened and they started telling me their plight. Their situation is so pathetic that when I heard about it, we immediately decided to help through GTU legally. They continue to say that if they get the visa they can continue to stay and work but the problem is they do not understand the seriousness of their issue” said GTU executive member Shahina.

Several cases of people being duped after agencies and people have posted fake job alerts have been reported recently. This is not the first time that such scams have been reported in Bahrain often related to people’s negligence of checking the credibility of the source that offers such jobs. That being said, legal institutes are trying to help and deal with such cases but a solution to the misuse of visit visa’s for other purposes must be found to avoid such incidents in the future.