"Murdering Jamal Khashoggi through violence has been ruthless," United States Secretary of Defence James Mattis said today at the 14th Manama Dialogue addressing the “US policy in a changing Middle East” discussion.

“With our collective interests in peace and unwavering respect for human rights in mind, the murder of Jamal Khashoggi in a diplomatic facility must concern us all greatly,” said Mattis.

Mattis highlighted that the United States does not tolerate this ruthless action in murdering Khashoggi. 

They will maintain twin imperatives, as stated by the secretary of state Mike Pompeo and has revoked visas of Saudis who was suspects along with additional measures to be taken.

He repeatedly affirmed the commitment of the United States to reinforce durable and dynamic international responses to regional challenges.  “Instability doesn’t respect national borders. it spreads if left unchecked” explained Mattis.

“We can’t ignore the malign influence and de-stabilizing behaviour pursued by the wildest extremist organization and by Iran’s outlawed regime” he added.

It was addressed that in Yemen, Iran continued to export advanced rockets, missiles, unmanned aerial systems, the Houthi militants were in violation of the United Nation. Over the past 18 months, Houthi militants have launched over 100 missiles including civilian targets. 

“Iran ’s support prolongs and expands the conflict in Yemen and adds to humanitarian suffering and disrupts efforts for sustainable peace.  We will not stand ideally by any attempt by the Iranian regime to pursue their nuclear weapon” Mattis stated.

The United States reiterated their stand against Iran’s unsafe reckless behaviour as they flout navigation, freedom, security and global trade.  The U.S also sought to bolster peace in the Yemen conflict as a step towards stabilization. They hope to build the capacity of legitimate Yemeni security forces while strengthening the regional partners of their defensive capabilities.

“I reiterate US support for our partners’ right to defend themselves against Iranian-supplied Houthi attacks on their sovereign territory, and at the same time call for an urgent end to the fighting,”  Mattis said.

The United States released its first national defence strategy in more than a decade. The strategy highlights the critical importance of strengthening existing alliance and partnerships while also forging new relationships with like-minded nations. 

Mattis explained the United States shared security interest with Arab and Israeli partners in the region. He also added that the respect for the Saudi people is undiminished.  The U.S  confirms to maintain their strong people to people partnership knowing that with respect must come transparency and trust as indicated by President Donald Trump, secretary of state  Mike Pompeo and European leaders alike.

“In November we must start negotiating the substance of the issues, a compromise must replace combat and the people must have peace,“ he said.

He assured that the U.S stands ready to continue to work by, with and through their allies and partners across the region. They strive to strengthen the efforts to refine and integrate the regional security system that is inclusive of all the partners in the region. One that will serve as a comprehensive mechanism for solving the conflict and preserving peace in the future.

Other delegates were also present at the event including United States Central Command (CENTCOM) Commander General Joseph L. Votel.

“This dialogue is very essential and extraordinary that opinion leaders from around the region and have interest here come together to talk about challenging the region. Only by communicating can we figure out a solution so it is very crucial” said Votel in an exclusive statement to Albilad Press.