Major General Dr. Shaikh Salman bin Atteya-Allah Al Khalifa, Commander of King Hamad University Hospital and the Bahrain Cancer Center, has unveiled a new Memorandum of Understanding between the hospital and the Nagourney Cancer Institute in the United States.


He pointed out, in a statement to “Albilad”, to the new agreement that includes the exchange of experience and coordination between the Bahrain Cancer Center and the Institute by sending samples of tumors directly from the patient to examine the ability to a range of drugs used to treat different tumors, and then to determine the quality of medication appropriate for each individual patient based on the latest techniques in the field of “Personalized Medicine”, in order to enhance the quality of life of patients and maintain their safety and progress of recovery.


He stressed that this cooperation with Nagourney Cancer Institute is a distinct addition and pioneer in this area, as the Institute is considered and recognized as an internationally recognized institute of research and treatment of cancer for a long period of more than 20 years.