Bahrain woke up with a sad demise this morning as three ladies from one family passed away due to a gas leak. The Ministry of Interior announced it on its social media accounts and news went viral.

Witnesses exclusively told Albilad newspaper details of the incident which coincides with the second day of Eid Al-Fitr.

They assured that two sisters and their brother’s wife, aged between 30 and 48 years, suffocated due to a gas leak while two other ladies were in critical health condition. All, they added, were transferred to the nearest hospital. Three died upon their arrival and the medical condition of the two others was reported stable.

Witnesses recounted more details of how the indicated started. They said decedents are used, as all Bahraini families, to cook a lunch feast early in the morning to celebrate Eid with their families.

“I, with the help of our neighbors, took them to the nearest health center in Sitra. But medical crew’s attempts to save their lives failed and they died upon arrival to the health center,”

They explained that the three decedents inhaled large quantities of leaked cooking gas cylinders located in the kitchen of their house. They pointed out that the kitchen was closed tightly and it was not properly ventilated which, they assured, led to the death of the three women.

Relatives explained how they discovered it. They said that one of the decedents’ son needed to tell his mother, one of the decedents, about something. He was surprised when he entered the kitchen that they were all lying on the floor in a very poor health condition.

The two young survivors, he continued, were transferred to the Salmaniya Medical Complex (SMC) by an ambulance to receive the necessary treatment. They, he added, were then transferred to the King Hamad University Hospital. The hospital described their condition as medically stable.

The General Directorate of Civil Defense responded immediately after the incident was reported. They sent a team to deal with hazardous materials to the site, to detect the place of the event and secure it and take the usual procedures for such incidents.

The Ministry of the Interior urged all to take utmost precautions when dealing with fire or electricity to avoid tragic demises.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Shaikh Khalid bin Ahmed bin Mohammed Al Khalifa, expressed his deepest condolences to the decedents’ family members.