The Directorate General of Civil Defense has urged residents in Bahrain to stay safe as temperatures are likely to rise. As the temperature is set to increase over the next few days between 47 and 50 degrees Celsius, the emergence of the clouds will cause the breakage in the atmosphere in most areas. There are certain warnings and alerts that the resident needs to follow.

Cars must be vacated from gaseous substances, lighters, soft drinks, perfumes and batteries devices in general, the windows of the car must be opened in a simple manner, do not fill the fuel tank completely, filling the car fuel in the evening, not travel by car in the morning and not to fill the tires too much, especially in travel.

In the latest incident, a Sanad resident said he had to cut off the head of a 130-centimetre snake that had curled itself around the doorknob of the house’s main door. The civil defence has also asked residents to look out for scorpions and snakes.

In general, it is advised that people have plenty of water and fluids, stay hydrated. If water cans are put in the windows, faunas, fences, farms and balconies, it would help irrigate the thirst of birds, cats and other animals.

Few more pointers:

Be careful not to turn on water heaters.

Be careful not to place gas cylinders in the sun.

Be sure not to increase loads on electricity meters and not operate air conditioners only in the places of family, especially at peak times.

Distance from exposure to sunlight directly, especially during the period from 10 am to 3 pm.