The proposed location for stray dogs’ shelter is located in the industrial zone and not in the residential area of Maameer, this came in the Ministry of Works, Municipal Affairs and Urban Planning reply in response to MP Ammar Al-Abbas.

Al-Abbas has earlier called for paying attention to people’s demands who refuse to build a stray dogs’ shelter in Maameer area. Maameer, Al-Abbas confirmed, is a residential area that has been suffering for years from problems like being surrounded by big industrial companies and factories. Building a dog shelter in the area, he added, will add to their misery.  

The ministry stated that it pays a great attention to the safety and comfort of the people and spare them all that would worry their comfort or cause them any inconvenience.

The ministry added that when discussing the location of the stray dogs’ shelter, the project was presented to the Capital Municipality Council and the Municipal Council of the Southern Area after a comprehensive technical study based on several factors in which the Ministry ensured that the location is far from the residential area. The project, the ministry added, is located in the Southern Governorate and is far enough from the village in the south direction towards the industrial area.

The ministry pointed out that the shelter has been designed to be a comprehensive veterinary clinic with a number of buildings that are all completely fenced. Dogs, the ministry assured, will be placed inside cages which makes the place tightly sealed.

In its statement, the ministry praised the MP’s efforts to raise the issue and his cooperation with the municipalities for everything that would serve the country, citizens and residents, assuring that the ministry took into account all the technical observations and the environment when implementing the project, in a way that does not affect the safety of citizens and residents.