The first major criminal court started the trial of an Asian lady accused by her husband of having given birth to a child with Arabic features, but the surprise was that after doing the DNA test it turned out that this woman is not the biological mother of the baby.


The prosecution referred her for trial on charges of forging official documents, and the court decided the date of the next hearing on June 23 and ordered the continuation of her imprisonment until the then.


The details indicate that a complaint was received by Budaiya police station from the defendant’s husband, who said that his wife informed him on 9 May 2017 that she had registered a child on his name and extracted a birth certificate. However, when he looked at the child he found that he had Arabic features when his wife friend told him that the child was not his and that the defendant got it from a friend.


Investigating her she denied the accusation and indicated that she has been married to him since 2002 in their country, and in 2014 he managed to move to Bahrain to work and stayed since then.


She said that they decided to have a child in 2016, and in January 2017 she was surprised by the labor while she was in her home. She informed her husband then went with her friend to a private hospital where her husband met her there and took the birth certificate, which she submitted to the Ministry of Health to issue a birth certificate for her son.


The wife claims that the reason for her husband's complaint against her is that she discovered his multiple relationships with other girls in their country and that she has been asking for divorce since then.


With DNA samples of the baby, the laboratory of the physical, biological and genetic evidence laboratory found that the person originally accused was not the biological mother of the child, nor the husband when the General Prosecution decided to refer her for trial on charges of forging official documents.