The Ministry of Transport will work extensively to make available air-conditioned public bus stops soon, stated member of the municipal council Iman Al-Qallaf after meeting with officials of the ministry.

She added that the hot weather during the long summer in the Kingdom of Bahrain necessitates taking some procedures by the ministry to reduce the suffering of citizens and residents. She assured that a big number of citizens and residents use public transport to go to work or other places where the temperature is high especially during the day which, she said, a source of distress, anxiety, and uneasiness.

During her meeting with specialists in the ministry’s land sector specialists, Al-Qallaf was briefed with a detailed explanation of the progress and development of public transport which, she said, significantly developed compared to previous services in terms of quantity and type, as well as increase the number of points of bus stops.

Al-Qallaf said that she has made several proposals, she stressed, will develop the public transport system and services and finding a convenient service for passengers, whether citizen or resident and trying to make all substations of public transport stops air-conditioned and not only the main ones.