Residents in Salman Cirty expressed deep dissatisfaction with the very weak signal of mobile and land internet services, this went viral in the past two days.

In addition to that, residents said, mobile network automatically turns on the Saudi network at different times during the day. Thus, they stated, they have to pay double or additional cost in their monthly bill.

Many residents expressed their astonishment at the availability of the Saudi network and the unavailability of the local network coverage. Some residents asserted that the telecommunication companies failed to provide the agreed services and many demanded the cancellation of their contracts. But, they said, companies asked them to pay the remaining amounts of the contract period.

This, they pointed out, but residents of Salman City in the situation to choose between two choices. Either to be left without service and out of reach most of the day or to pay a monthly rent for nothing. The amounts, they said, are large in case they chose to cancel the contract.

They called for the intervention of the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) to solve this problem with telecommunications service providers of the city.