The Trooping of the Colour is one of the most important events for the British royal family. Marking the monarch's official birthday, it's on this day every year when the Queen arrives for the parade along with the entire family. With Queen Elizabeth being the longest reigning monarch, this year's Trooping of the Colour, it's not just Prince Louis that grabbed everyone's attention. This recent video of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle has been going viral on social media. While royal observers were happy to see the Duchess of Sussex amidst her maternity leave, it's this video of her being snubbed at the Buckingham Palace balcony.

In this recent video, Meghan was seen turning back a couple of times to speak to Prince Harry shortly before the beginning of the parade. After turning back for the third time, Prince Harry just responded saying 'Turn around' and royal observers believe that this left Meghan teary-eyed. The verbal exchange was just a few seconds before the playing of God Save The Queen.








Speaking to Insider, Richard Fitzwilliams said that it was an 'unhappy exchange.' He goes on to add, "One of the most important characteristics of being royal is to ensure that public appearances go off smoothly. In an era where social media, lip readers and long range cameras ensure nothing public is hidden, it is more important than ever."

Although fans believe that it was a frosty moment that the couple shared, Mirror.Co.Uk that wrote, "This means that there's a good chance that Harry was actually just giving Meghan a heads up that the music was about to start playing so she wasn't caught out looking the wrong way. Instead of standing awkwardly they are actually just listening to the opening part of God Save the Queen."

Although we'll never know whether it was a cold statement or a husband looking out for his wife, stay tuned for all the updates on the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.