Gulf Air has terminated the contracts of about 170 employees, mostly from Bahrainis, as of today. The company sent an official letter to the staff members informing them of the formal termination of their contracts.


Bahraini employees confirmed to Al-Bilad that the company had already given them the letters of dismissal and asked them to settle their financial and administrative procedures and not to come to work as of tomorrow.


They added that the initial information they had that the number of dismissed employees was about 170 from different departments, mostly Bahrainis, noting that they do not have an exact number of Bahrainis due to the fact that each employee received the letter individually.


Al-Bilad tried to contact the company's officials to find out the details of the matter and was unable to do so. The company attributed the reason for the dismissal to the financial circumstances and the annual losses incurred.

The Ministry of Labor announced on its Twitter account that it will follow up with the company in accordance with the Bahraini Labor Law.