The Asian man who reported the “dead rodent in a soda can” disappeared and out of reach stated a public health specialist.

He added following a video that went viral yesterday which showed a dead rat that was found in a soda can, he immediately visited the private hospital in Muharraq to investigate. He explained that the visit was aimed to receive the sample for examination and mainly to check on the complainant’s health condition.

He pointed out that upon his arrival of the hospital’s public health department that the complainant had left the hospital and took the can with him. He added that after several attempts to communicate with him through the communication number recorded in the hospital records, it was found that the complainant had disconnected the service from the phone.

The major aim was to examine the Asian workers who reported the incident fearing of poisoning after he drank from the can before discovering the dead rodent as per his testimony through the registered section of the hospital. The visit also aimed to verify the source, dates and validity of the can and then to submit it for laboratory examination

In addition, he assured, a team of health specialists was formed to verify and carry out inspection procedures for the beverage factories in the Kingdom. After some field inspection, factories showed no evidence of any traces of rats in the manufacturing and production areas.

It is noteworthy that an Asian worker reported I to a private hospital that he went to a shop and purchased a soda can and found a dead rodent inside it after he drank some. Social media posts saw mixed responses to the incident which was videotaped and went viral. While some people stated that the possibility of this happening is real, others simply found it difficult to understand how the rat got in there in the first place.