Another expatriate worker has committed suicide in Bahrain. Indian National Pandu Arumugam, 35 was found dead in another room by his roommate Rajkumar who is also his brother-in-law. The deceased was working as a salesman for Altrabut Trading and Marketing Co. in the central market. Sources close to the deceased told Albilad that this incident comes as a shock because there were never any hints about him having any problems be it at work or back at home.

Speaking to Albilad exclusively “ My sister is married to Pandu so I immediately called her and asked if they had any fights or issues between them. She said that nothing as such has happened and that she was clueless as to why he ended his life” said Rajkumar.

There were two rooms in their accommodation, one is unused. At around 8 PM when Rajkumar returned from work, he noticed that the light was on in the unused room since morning and it hadn’t been switched off. When he went to check, he found Pandu lying motionless and understood that he had committed suicide. Following this, he immediately called the police.

“We are not sure as to why he took such a drastic measure. If at all he was going through things, nobody knew anything because he never spoke to anyone about them. Relatives have told Rajkumar there was nothing wrong. We do not know what to do now. We are hoping that someone will help us with the formalities so we can repatriate the body home,” said Prashanth.

Pandu hails from Kadavur, Tamil Nadu and is survived by his wife and one son who is back home in India.

The Gulf Daily News (GDN) website reported 23 people had taken their own lives in Bahrain so far this year, 21 of whom were expats.

This incident comes just days after another expat committed suicide. Indian national Arun Kumar Aravindakshan from Kerala was working as an electrician in a private firm. According to local reports, his visa had expired a few months ago and was illegally staying in Bahrain.