The abandoned properties have become a source of worry as they are used for illegal and immoral acts. The number of abandoned properties reached 161 house in 2019 in the northern governorate, this is according to Ministry of the Interior’s statistics.

Statistics, which were sent to the Northern Municipal Council, pointed out that most of these abandoned properties are owned by non-Bahrainis and expatriates and have become a source of worry and fear as they are used for illegal and immoral acts.  Statistics explained that Hamad Town topped with 18 abandoned properties, followed by Budaiya with 13 houses. Third came Karzakkan area with 11 and Abu Saiba in the fourth place with 10 abandoned properties. The statistics showed that ​​Al-Hamala has 9 abandoned properties, Megsha has 8, while the number of abandoned properties in Duraz,  Buri, and Al-Qeriya reached 7.

The statistics showed that Demastan, Shahrkan, Aali, and Saar have 6 abandoned properties, while there are 5 in Malikiya and Jed Al-Haj. The statistics showed that Bar Bar, Karrana, Dar Kulaib, and  Bani Jamra has 4 abandoned properties apiece. The statistics revealed that both the northern Sehla and Jannusan has 2 abandoned properties apiece, while the number of abandoned properties in the areas of ​​Mugabe and Al-Qadam are two only. The statistics mentioned that Salambad, Jablat Habshi, and Sadad has one abandoned property only.

The ministry highlighted that as a private property, the concerned authorities can never enter them unless they have a special permission from the owner of the property or an official one from the public prosecution. The ministry explained that the only situation that security authorities can enter is when an emergency incident happens like fire as the ministry of interior is an executive body that applies the powers entrusted to it by the law.