The Labour and Social Development Ministry, held in cooperation with the Ministry of Health, and open meeting to raise expatriate workers’ awarenes about the importance of commitment to impelementing ministerial edict 3/2013 on banning afternoon outdoor work during the months of July and August.

Labour and Social Development Ministry’s Undersecretary, Sabah Salim Al-Dossari, representatives of labour-exporting countries and the safety supervisors from the relevant sectors attended.

The event stressed the need to impelement the edict, given its importance in protecting workers’ health and ensuring their safety.

Al-Dossari extended thanks to the ambassadors and representatives of labour-exporting countries for attending the key meeting, as well as to the Health Ministry for its constant cooperation in order to ensure a secure and safe work environment.

He affirmed that the edict reflects Bahrain’s keennes to put in place the highest humanitarian values in the labour market, out of its commitment to workers’ human rights, highlighting the employers’ positive response to the edict, as commitment to it exceeded 98 per cent in the past years, which, he said, reflects the recognition of everyone of its positibe impacts on production sectors, as well as its economic and humanitarian goals.

On the sidelines of the event, the Ministry of Labour and Ministry of Health held an exhibition in which they showcased the efforts and services of the kingdom to protect workers’ health.

Clinics and health centres also conducted medical tests on workers.

Edict 3/2013 aims to safeguard workers’ health, ensure their safety against heat exhaustion and sunstroke as well as prevent summer-related diseases and to reduce occupational incidents in view of the increasing temperatures.