An Indian national passed away after suffering from a heart attack Albilad reported. Koshy George, 56, suffered chest pains in the morning at his residence and was immediately taken to a private hospital. When the doctor said that he suffered from a heart attack he was taken to Salmaniya Medical Complex in an ambulance. 

Koshy who was a member of the Indian club and had visited the club the previous night as well. The Indian Club organized a condolence meeting for Koshy who had been an active member.

“He used to be an active member who used to come to the club with his family. This is the third member that we have lost this year and all together we lost over 18 members from our community in this country” said GTU advisor Thampi Nagarjuna.

“Speaking from the trade union experience, I have personally handled over thousands of cases and has come to my attention is that people nowadays experience a massive amount of pressure from their workplaces more than family pressure nowadays” he added.


Koshy George, 56, passed away after suffering from a heart attack.


He further stated “Due to the disloyalty of our people, we often think that we are meant to experience all sorts of pressure for the salary we receive. Generally, even the International Labour Organisation also time and again tells us not to carry work stress or pressure when we return home. Your home and work should be kept separately. Once you leave from your workplace do not carry the load home.

“Over 99 per cent of the dedicated workforce here carry their work pressure along with them when they return home. The reason why I am emphasizing this now is that this has so many adverse effects. Quoting Sooraj who spoke at the church, dear friends please share your problems. We are all from the same family” said Thampi.

“There may be some differences of opinion but still when you share with somebody about your difficulties, you will be relieved and in turn strengthened. I conclude on the note that if you ever experience any minor discomfort please do not take it lightly but rather immediately get medical care” he concluded.

Koshy hailed from Thiruvananthapuram and is survived by his wife Anu Koshy, daughter Sneha, son Sanju.



A meeting held at Koshy George’s home yesterday at 6 PM in their home country. The funeral service will take place today at 1 pm which he will be taken to Thekkan Parumala St Gregorios Orthodox Church, Ambalamukku. Further proceeding to Patoor Cemetery for final burial rites. Those who wish to see and pay their homage should do so at Anu’s residence between 7:30 am and 12:30 pm.